The new publication by Libertarian Club – Libek, “Abusing the People: Global Challenges of Authoritarian Populism“ is now available to international audiences.

In the context of the rise of populist parties and movements in Europe and the United States in the past few years, this publication brings together authors from 12 countries to analyze the rise of populist ideologies, movements and parties, the roles of civil society and governments, and ways the international freedom movement should respond to these challenges and effectively counter the influence of authoritarian populists globally.

The publication includes exclusive articles and interviews by leading experts and academics, such as Anne Applebaum, Tom Palmer and Peter Pomerantsev, but also activists, civil society leaders, politicians, and academics from Denmark, Ukraine, Spain, Poland, Italy, Hungary, Greece, United Kingdom, Spain, Turkey, and Venezuela.

The articles and interviews, written in popular style, draw conclusions from the extensive experience and research of the authors and aim to provide a basis for a better understanding of the rise of populist political actors and their popularity and provide the international liberty movement with a foundation for ensuring a future of freedom by effective countering of authoritarian populist agendas.

The publication is available here abusing_the_people

„Abusing the People: Global Challenges of Authoritarian Populism“ is a publication by Libertarian Club – Libek, and a part of a wider program to counter the influence of authoritarian populist ideologies, movements and parties in Serbia, the Western Balkans region, and globally. Within the program, Libek produces publications that aim to improve understanding of the rise of authoritarian populism in Serbia, facilitates expert groups that analyze the most common economic myths promoted by populists and produces videos and articles to debunk populist economic myths and counter them with policy solutions rooted in individual liberty and free market economy. Previous publications include „Abuse of the People: the Nature of Authoritarian Populism in Serbia“  and the videos in Serbian available at the YouTube channel.