The meeting of the expert regional working group dedicated to economic integration was held on February 25 in Belgrade. This was the first meeting with our partners from the region outside of the online format of meetings that were normally held periodically after our first Open Balkan Forum conference held on May 24 last year.

In addition to representatives of Libek as hosts, our partners from Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina and North Macedonia – Admir Čavalić (Tuzla), Endrit Yzeiraj (Tirana) and Blagica Petreski (Skoplje) participated in the meeting.

The main result of the meeting first of all implies the development of an action plan for further activities in the field of research and promotion of regional economic integration. At the meeting, in addition to an overview of the main ongoing and future activities in each of the countries, the preparation of the new, second Open Balkan Forum conference, which will be held in Belgrade in the first half of this year, was also discussed.

We also discussed the preparation and creation of a publication that will include analyzes and articles on the economic and political situation in the region in connection with the construction of a common regional market. It was concluded that it is necessary to design a new program document in the form of a declaration that will shape the main principles and program proposals of the working group.

The activities of the regional working group will take place in the following period in an online format until the second Open Balkan Forum conference is held in Belgrade.