The promotion of the Libek’s publication ”The Top 10 Economic Misconceptions in Serbia” was held last night at the Aeroklub venue in Belgrade. This is the third publication in Libek’s edition dedicated to populism.

President of Libertarian club Libek Miloš Nikolić, addressed the audience and thanked all the members of the Libek’s Study Group that participated in this process. He emphasized that they gave immeasurable support in creating of the publication.

He also stated that Libek has launched its media portal in March, through which Libek will change its way of communication regarding economic problems in Serbia among other issues.

He also thanked our colleague Mihailo Gajic, Program Director of Economic Research Unit who authored all 10 texts of the publication, as well as other associates that took part in making it.

Libek will continue to work in the field of public policy, economic misconceptions, fight against economic populism and promotion of rule of law.

This publication was supported by Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE).

English version of the publication can be downloaded in the digital format here Top 10 economic misconceptions